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Only forever

The best thing to come from auditioning for a kids TV show in 1992, was meeting the executive producer, Winston Richard. During our short time working together, we fast became friends. Winston was a man of poise, class and graciousness. The first time I saw him enter into a room, without saying a word, he commanded everyone’s attention. Dressed to the nines, with a confident stride, he made his way over and introduced himself, from that very moment, I knew that I had just met someone special, someone whom would play a significant role in my life. I was intrigued with what seemed a giant of a man. Winston was much more simple a man than most would think, if he had a conversation with you about anything outside of business he liked you, it was as simple as that.

For professional reasons, I soon left the show that he had cast me for, for fifteen years, we disappeared out of one another’s lives. Winston was as professional as they came and quite the perfectionist. Never tooting his own horn, he down played his contribution to the creation of the longest running, children’s action tv show in history, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, not to mention the vast amount of celebrity musicians that he had worked with, including the likes of Dion Warwick, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Wishing to find my estranged friend, I turned to Facebook, I had searched many times before but without any success. I practically fell out of my chair with excitement when i came across his profile and realized that indeed, it was Winston! I reached out and he replied immediately with the same amount of excitement. Since our reconnection, there was not a day missed in speaking to one another on the phone, every morning and evening. We often spent two or three days a week with one another at various coffee shops or his local library; one of his favorite places. We talked about everything under the sun; politics, current affairs, religion, metaphysics, family and creativity. Winston, inspired, encouraged and challenged me to learn more than I thought I already knew. Winston even went so far to challenge me to a rap battle, yep that was Winston, neither of us a rapper but on the fly, he could rap too. How much fun we had, laughing out loud, back and forth we went, his exchange, each line more witty than the one previous. Winston had a wonderful sense of humor, his favorite jokes about how short I am. I once told him that I was going to kick his butt, his reply “you best bring a ladder, because you couldn’t reach my butt!”

Winston’s first love was music. Many evenings, I would call and he would place the phone down near the piano while he played ragtime blues and classical pieces, on occasion he would sing for me. Winston had a voice that was masculine while at the same time gentle and sweet. Winston loved his three sons Byron, Jacob and Johnny. He praised Byron’s musical talent, enjoyed eating byrons enchiladas while watching a Laker game and visiting with his grand children. Jacob he would say is a “neshemah” A Hebrew word that describes one with a good soul. He was proud of Jacob ,doing what he loved to do, something close to his own heart, entertaining. Johnny he would say is a true blessing, a good boy, one that had a good head on his shoulders. He told me that although he wasn’t in his boys day to day lives, he felt confident in that he had instilled in each of them the knowledge that he loved them dearly and that there was nothing in the world he wouldn’t do for them, he was always only a phone call away.

I never knew of anyone who had met Winston and didn’t hold him in the highest regard, referring to him as a gentleman and to that women would always comment on how handsome he was. Each of my family members had the good fortune to spend time with him, they loved him and considered him family. He touch the heart of my 14-year-old nephew, Mason. On many occasions, Winston helped Mason with his homework and school projects. One project in particular was a school competition; Mason chose film as his category to compete within, with Winston’s help, Mason won first place. Winston was an extremely private man, I was fortunate and honored to be trusted with his inner feelings, past experiences and thoughts. He shared with me, stories of his childhood, playing basketball with his friends, his dad calling him “fumble fingers”, playing jokes on his brother Lynn and sister Joy, his first crush, Henrietta and his worldly travels. A veteran, he shared stories of his time in the service, a very emotional topic for him. One of his favorite times during his life, he said was when he was in service while stationed in Paris, as an entertainment coordinator. He was resilient man one who had seen war, survived a massive heart attack and cancer. Winston never complained; he did his best to stay independent, to a fault, never wanting to burden anyone. Winston spent his last year’s in an apartment that he trusted me to furnish for him. He loved his apartment, the decor, masculine, classic Parisian; a comfy leather sofa, the best money could buy. He loved his sofa! He spent his time doing exactly what he told me he wished to do until the end of his life, that was composing music and writing. We co wrote a short screenplay together and were writing a novel. He kept up to date with world news and politics. He was grateful for an extraordinary life and didn’t have any complaints. He felt blessed to have a wonderful family; his sons, siblings, nieces and nephews. He loved his coffee group friends and felt fortunate to have had friendships with his friends David and Michael, whom had past before him. I will miss my friend more than words could ever explain, but I am confident that we will meet again, kindred spirits, a friendship that against all odds lasted for over 25 years, I am confident that we will meet up again in a much more beautiful place where he will be free of any discomfort. I will go on knowing each and every day that he is with me. I will forever be blessed to have known Winston Dean Richard.

A new dawn

Everyday is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself, start a new chapter, begin anew. If you are seeking something to be grateful for, start with waking up today. Looking for a miracle? Look around you, they are everywhere; don’t believe me? Don’t take in any air, for as long as you can, at our core, humans inherently wish to survive, to live!! Your brain knows this and will force you to take a breath, to keep you from doing damage to yourself, how and why this is?? A miracle of LIFE, so LIVE!! Go forward today, breathe, eat, love, dance, create good things, share, pray, be grateful